Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Awesomeness in Medieval

Tonight was the third night of VBS. Rachel's a teacher, I'm a helper, Sam and Emmy attend...fun stuff.

The theme this year is medieval. Some people in our church dress up, so I decided that tonight, I would too.
When The Hobbit came out, I got this awesome person named Hannah to make me a Legolas outfit to wear to the theater; I'm wearing the tunic as we speak, in fact. It's pretty awesome.
     So Rachel got a dress from someone, and I brought out my tunic, and we went to VBS in our costumes.

After church, I said, "Hey! We need to get some ice cream to watch with our movie!"
We're watching some Errol Flynn movies; enjoying laughing at the dramatics and bright colors the 'pirates' are wearing, and saying how we like Pirates of the Caribbean's costumes better. We love Errol Flynn movies.
So we went to Winn Dixie. In our costumes.

I was enjoying every minute. When we first walked in, several people just stared at us funny, and I couldn't quite keep the straight face, but eventually I managed. Literally, every person who saw Rachel and I just stared. People I saw in reflections walked past, staring until they were in our line of vision. Attendants talking tried not to stare, but couldn't help themselves. I could feel them watching us as we walked out the door.

Needless to say, I'm doing this again.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Poems and Whatnot

I never got around to doing anymore of that 100 Things That Make Me Smile. I stopped at 40 because I couldn't think of anything, lol! But that was forever ago, and there are many more things to think of and write down...

41. Listening to my newest nephew squeak in his sleep.

42. Finding something in the woods that my Writer's Window* conjures up.

43. Swimming. If you think about it, and imagine that you aren't holding your breath, you're actually flying. ...very slowly.

44. Suspenseful movies...

45. Finding a sequel to my favorite book.

46. DIY projects

47. Making things for the Farmer's Market stand I do with Chloe :)

48. Thinking up delciousness to make when a friend comes over

49. Watching trailers for upcoming movies, like 'Elysium', 'Thor: The Dark World'...and soon, 'Captain America: The Ice Soldier' and the second Avengers movie...(eep!)

 50. Drawing

*The Writer's Window is a fantastic idea from Hannah-- all credit to her entirely!

And to finish up, a poem from me, just for you:

 And now to you,
I bid adieu!
May the rest of the day
Be bright, not grey;
Wherever thou travelest,
The day be nice and blessed!
 If it takes only a smile to make you glad
Then I prithee, please do not be sad!
I shall send a smile to brighten your day
So do not worry, just smile away!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Well, I met an old man dying on a train...

No more destination, no more pain. 
And he said, "One thing, before I graduate.
Never let your fear decide your pain."

It's been pretty crazy around here these past few weeks. We came home from Florida yesterday only to have Christie and my mom leave for California today to visit my aunt with our sister-in-law. 

I've been settling back into the routines I created before I left for Florida. That's quite an accomplishment for me, because I've never made a routine and kept up to it. I am an early bird, so I'm usually outside practicing archery by 7:30 or so. I love this part of my routine. There aren't any bugs outside at this time of day; dragonflies are flying all around me, the woods surround me, there's this peaceful quiet, and since it's normally only me and my parents up, no one is calling me back inside for something. 
     I've been reading a story I did last November, for NaNoWriMo. I haven't touched it since, and I don't think I finished it, either. I'm sitting there either making interested faces since I know what's going to happen next but I don't know how, or making disgusted faces when I survey my horrible writing. Literally, as I sit there reading, I'm making an effort not to fix the entire thing. I've decided to just leave it and look at it when I'm older to decide if I really want to keep going. It's that bad. Sometimes it looks like a journal. Most of the time, it looks like the main character is talking to herself.

     And of course, lots of music...hence the AWOLnation lyrics above. I like bits of music that can apply to myself, music that can boost my energy or something...
 Sometimes my random edits will remind me of one of my favorite songs.

"And who do you think you are? 
Going 'round, leaving scars.
Collecting your jar of hearts..."

My latest lock screen is this. I can't listen to 'Learn to be Lonely' without feeling like crying, then that reminds me of 'War Horse' when Captain Nicholls dies...then I think of sad songs...then I think of the Doctor and Rose...

"I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
And I will love you for a thousand more..."

And now I end...
"No wonder your heart feels it's flying
Your head feels it's spinning
Each happy ending's a brand new beginning
Let yourself be enchanted, you just might break through

To ever ever after
Forever could even start today
Ever ever after
Maybe it's just one wish away
Your ever ever after..."

This has been a random post by Molly.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dragonwitch Blog Tour: SHADOW HAND sneak peek!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl is the author of the award-winning Tales of Goldstone Wood series, adventure fantasies told in the classic Fairy Tale stule. She makes her home in Raleigh, North Caroline, where she lives with her husband, Rohan, a passel of cats, and on long-suffering dog. When she's not writing, she enjoys Shakespeare, opera, and tea, and studies piano, painting, and pastry baking. She studied illustration at Grace College and English literature at Campbell University.

I am very pleased to be part in the Dragonwitch blog tour! Anne Elisabeth has so kindly given me a sneak peek of Shadowhand, and stick around for the giveaway at the end!!

 This is her fifth book in the series. I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this book with a nice cup of coffee and a blanket to go with it, and maybe it will rain and I'll light a candle...this is sounding like the perfect book day to me!

And now....for the Shadowhand sneak peek!

Psst...ain't the cover gorgeous??

Shadow Hand
By Anne Elisabeth Stengl

It must be a dream or an illusion brought on by the magic intoxication of Nidawi's presence. It must be, for how else could he see, even through dark and rain, that form in white rags, her hair falling free in red-gold tatters below her shoulders, her icy eyes fixed upon him in unbelief. His bride: his beautiful, broken, terrible bride.
"Daylily!" he cried, and took three strides. But he had not taken a fourth when, with a roar that shook the orchard, Lioness sprang over his head and charged; charged in streaking, snarling fury right at that vision which was no vision, but which breathed and moved and looked right at him.
"No!" Foxbrush shouted, though he did not know he shouted. Like one in a dream, he could not run, could not make his limbs move, straining against the pull of resisting time. Seconds, half-seconds, were hours too long, for the white lion bounded with the speed of lightning.
Daylily shook herself free of her shock at seeing Foxbrush in this of all places and focused her gaze fiercely on that which approached. It was not a wolf. It was not! It was a Faerie beast, an invader, and her enemy.
Our enemy!
She snatched the Bronze from around her neck and crouched, prepared for battle.
Save our land!
The Lioness leapt, and Daylily, though her arm was none too strong, would have driven her sharp stone up and into her flesh as she descended, had the great cat not turned in the air at the last and landed to one side. Lioness lashed out, claws flashing, but caught Daylily's gown and not Daylily herself. The lion’s second swing struck Daylily in the side, sending her crashing to the ground and her Bronze stone spinning through the air.
Daylily bared her teeth and reached for the stone, but Lioness pressed her to the dirt with an enormous, crushing paw. Claws tore into Daylily's shoulder and she screamed. Her voice pierced the rain and the thunder and Foxbrush's heart, and he screamed as well and threw himself at the lion.
But just as he did so, a savage yell rang out, and a wild man in skins, his hair pulled back in a long braid, fell from the branches of the fig tree above and landed square upon Lioness's broad back. With strength greater than his size indicated, he unbalanced her, pulling her off Daylily so that both of them rolled across the ground. Foxbrush narrowly avoided losing his face to Lioness's flailing claws, and found himself standing clear, staring down at Daylily's flattened form.
Nidawi caught Foxbrush's arm and pointed at Daylily, screaming, "Kill it! Kill it, my king!"

Yes. You may tell me how awesome that was. You may say how you hate you have to wait for the book to come out. 
Because those are my exact thoughts.

Okay, giveaway time! The giveaway goes through the 16th, and Anne Elisabeth will announce the winner on the 16th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now, if you're interested in following the rest of the tour, here are links!! Starting from Day One of the tour, and continuing on. :)


Tour Schedule
July 14 - Day 1
July 15 - Day 2

July 16 - Day 3

And then, Day 17
The winner of the giveaway announcement! 
A closing post to the tour. :) It will be on Anne Elisabeth's blog

Next blogger up on the tour is Makai Queen's interview! Have fun!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July Weekend

I honestly can't believe it's Saturday already. It's been a really busy two weeks.

Two weeks ago, Christie, Michelle, and the boys got home from Alaska. Couple of hours before she got here, Christie was texting me, and trying to get my attention, but the wifi had gone out at Melissa's, where I was babysitting Caroline since Melissa wasn't able to lift her yet. I got this hilarious text later on when the wifi came back.

"Please have my bedroom prepared with fresh flowers, the highest quality chocolates, lavender water, and sweet smelling candles. I wish to have my bath drawn for me when I walk in the door. Have my house slippers warming by the fire, and my robe laid out upon my bed. Don't let the dog in; I wish not to have dog hairs all over my freshly laundered sheets.

Oh, and the please was just a formality. I expect all of this to be done when I get home."

Of course I couldn't just not do anything....

I am so sorry I have taken so long to get back to you. The reasons are as follows.

The flowers died when I walked outside,
The chocolates crumbled when I stumbled.
The lavender water turned pungent when I tried to add some unguent,
And the candles decided to melt when I tried to add some felt.

The water ran out and I couldn't quite catch it, 
And the slippers caught fire when I let the match to it.
I set the robe on your bed, as you wanted,
But the dog tore it up, and happily grunted.

He left the dog hairs all over your room,
And I couldn't start that blasted vacuum.

So you see, I tried quite hard,
But my work got ruined, charred!

The Butler"

The first thing I did when Christie got home was to give her a low bow. Oh, the love of two sisters. 

The next week was filled with taking care of Patrick, Jacob, Caroline, AND Nathanael...Caroline and Patrick fought often, and Jacob and Nathanael just stayed cute. 
Beforehand, when Caroline was smaller, Patrick would bully her and she couldn't do anything because she was too little. But now...oh now...
Patrick's first fight with Caroline was when he started poking her in the stomach and sticking his face in hers, giving her a 'whatcha-gonna-do-now' face.
 She slapped him.
 Then they started slapping each other until Christie intervened.

The next fight I saw (except for the constant bickering, which all kids do so that doesn't really count) was when Caroline saw my converses lying about and said "SHOE!" and raced to put them on. Patrick saw this and decided to get them first, so he put them on and started pushing Caroline away rather rudely. 
So she bit his hand.
I ran up and spanked both of them, saying in turn, "Do NOT fight!" and "Do NOT bite!" while I tried hard not to laugh. 
Melissa wondered if it was a bad thing to be glad your daughter was fighting back this time...

For fourth of July weekend, Michell and the kids went to see family with Michell's parents, and we spent the day at the LeBlanc's on Friday with the Morales'. It was a lot of fun. 
We played soccer, fought with waterballoons and hoses, played ratchetball (which had the same principle as the British game Rhiannon taught us (I don't know how to spell it...but you SAY it 'bool', as in 'pool'), we rode the four-wheeler (and now I'm covered in poisons ivy but it was worth it) and finished the night off with sparklers and big fireworks, which were amazing.

I've been writing away, cleaning the upstairs library, and drawing a dream place of mine....and drinking lots of coffee.

To finish off today, I'll write and write and write and drink tea...and watch Doctor Who and Warehouse 13...and write and watch Doctor Who and drink tea...and watch MacGyver and drink coffee....
You get the general idea.

Happy 4th, y'all!