Monday, July 22, 2013

Poems and Whatnot

I never got around to doing anymore of that 100 Things That Make Me Smile. I stopped at 40 because I couldn't think of anything, lol! But that was forever ago, and there are many more things to think of and write down...

41. Listening to my newest nephew squeak in his sleep.

42. Finding something in the woods that my Writer's Window* conjures up.

43. Swimming. If you think about it, and imagine that you aren't holding your breath, you're actually flying. ...very slowly.

44. Suspenseful movies...

45. Finding a sequel to my favorite book.

46. DIY projects

47. Making things for the Farmer's Market stand I do with Chloe :)

48. Thinking up delciousness to make when a friend comes over

49. Watching trailers for upcoming movies, like 'Elysium', 'Thor: The Dark World'...and soon, 'Captain America: The Ice Soldier' and the second Avengers movie...(eep!)

 50. Drawing

*The Writer's Window is a fantastic idea from Hannah-- all credit to her entirely!

And to finish up, a poem from me, just for you:

 And now to you,
I bid adieu!
May the rest of the day
Be bright, not grey;
Wherever thou travelest,
The day be nice and blessed!
 If it takes only a smile to make you glad
Then I prithee, please do not be sad!
I shall send a smile to brighten your day
So do not worry, just smile away!


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