Friday, March 15, 2013

To all the Mythical Beasts out there...

Drrg I got very annoyed today. I literally almost started banging on the table in frustration. I'll tell you why.
Wednesday night, we went to a church meeting in Mississippi to finish some filming, and I looked over and saw a girl wearing a shirt that said:  

I was thinking, 'Okay, that's one of the people who really like mustaches.'
Little did I know, I was a little wrong!
I absolutely love this show called 'Good Mythical Morning' by Rhett and Link on YouTube. Monday-Friday they have it, and I always watch it. Every day. I am a proud Mythical Beast! (for those who do not know, that is what Rhett and Link call the people who love their show.)
    Anywho, I looked up their tshirts in their store...and whamo, what do I see but that Viva La Mustache shirt!!
      I SAW A MYTHICAL BEAST peoples, on Wednesday night, and I missed out! None of my friends, as far as I know, are Mythical Beasts, nor are any of my family members, and to miss out on an opportunity to say hi to a friend I don't know! Any Mythical Beasts are my instant buddies, okay?

So, do I have any Mythical Beasts out there?? Anyone? PLEASE BE A MYTHICAL BEAST.

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