Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Drawing by Me =-)

Okay, so I drew a picture. I wanted to update my blog, so I drew a picture. Ain't that so borin'? Eh, well, cain't always have the best! here ya go.
Actually, I also drew it because of the 'Tales of Goldstone Woods' series. I've only read two so far because that's the only ones we have been lent so far. (Rachel and I read them in like two days!)
I highly recommend these books. Like highly recommend. As in, highly recommend. Just kidding, although they are AweSome!!
Anyhoo- Wait. did i just say anyhoo? I've been around Christie way too much. *snicker* :) As I was saying, I drew it because of a character in one of the books, Rose Red. This is what I imagined her like without her veils on.
(There is an erased part where you can still clearly see the wings. Ignore it. It's not supposed to be there. Stupid scanner.)



Friday, March 23, 2012

A Thousand Words: Petals and Flowers

Ah, today I thought I should update my blog. But I wasn't quite sure about what I wanted to write about. So, instead, I thought you would simply enjoy some pictures. (above) I adore petals. I take pictures of them just about all the time.
Emmy wanted to have her pictures taken, so I dressed her up with a dress and cape that one of us made (meaning one of us girls), and, Emmy, being quite the poser, stood still for longer than I thought possible while I took pictures. Whaddya think?
As I said, I love petals. but not as much as I love pink! pink pink pink and more pink! oh yeah, and I LOVE purple. But I've never seen any purple flowers in our woods. Not the shade I like, anyhow. Yeah, ever since I was little, I've been picky picky picky about the shade of purple I liked. but I NEVER was picky about any shades of PiNk!! :)
Blackberry flower! we have 'em ALL OVER our woods. Which means we'll have TONS of blackberries (duh ;p).
and one day, Rachel made us mochas! Rachel made them superbly, and I--er--dressed? garnished?--- them up.
This is a flower from a gorgeous garden in beautiful California.
And this lovely building is in Balboa Park, California! what G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S buildings that park has!!

P.S.#1. Jet'aime means 'I love you' in French (although I bet Savannah knew that!), but I use it sort of like 'with love from' or something like that. Just so you know, in case you didn't know, but now you know. That is to say, in case you didn't know, but you might have and---wow, this is SO confusing! :p heh heh. Joe, Michelle, and I have been doing stuff like that to each other a lot.

P.S.#2. Oh yeah. MICHELLE and PATRICK are in town!!!

Joke of the week!
There are two ropes. Five blondes are on one rope, and five brunettes are on the other rope. Well, the blondes' rope start to break, so they jump onto the brunettes' rope, but the brunette's rope begins to break as well. One brave brunette says "I'm going to let go so that all of y'all will live. Please tell my family that I love them, and tell them not to worry."
This was such a heartbreaking speech. The blondes started clapping.

(if you don't get it you can tell me, and I'll tell you what it means. although I hope you got it.)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gourmet Grinds or The Daily Grind?

So, I will admit, ever since I was like, seven? maybe eight? I always always wanted to own a small coffee shop. And I wondered. If I ever was to get it, what on earth should I call it? Rachel suggested Gourmet Grinds (That's what it's supposed to say in the picture I drew (on the computer)... it's not very good, but I don't really care, truth be told.) but Christie said The Daily Grind. Heh heh, I almost chose Christie's, but I liked Rachel's a great deal. So I wondered if you would cast in a vote as to a) Gourmet Grinds, or b) The Daily Grind. Which one do you like?
And whichever vote I got the most, I'll probably name my dream shop. :)


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Old Photos

Thought I'd go through our photos while listening to awesome war themes, and found a few I liked. Here you are! Well... maybe a little more than a few... just a little... Okay, okay, a lot.
Caroline sort of goes in shock as a cold person gives her a kiss.

In this picture, Joe decided to pose his I'm-a-cool-and-awesome-football-star pose. not until after I had taken the picture did I notice Sam sneakily... sneaking into the picture. I just about died of laughter when I saw it. And Joe's cooky pose topped it off.

Lilypads are pretty, you know that? I mean, it's prettier with flowers, but I always liked lilypads.

Here is my favorite photo of all. We were going boating with some friends, and I always thought sunlight on water was pretty, but you know, I had no idea how much I would like this picture till I actually saw it on camera.

This one is from Mandeville, when I went with my awesome sisters and some awesome friends a while ago. =-) Actually, all the pictures below are from Mandeville!
This I saw in a store, instantly thought of Savannah, and took it especially for you, Savvy!! :)

Almost...there... sunlight... I'm coming!
Ahem. I mean, look! a pretty flower! i liked the shade-with-sunlight a lot, too.
energy...fading fast...o-oh... I couldn't...make it!
(if you didn't get this, look how close the flower got to the sunlight! Just barely touching!!)

Much as I tried, Caroline wouldn't smile. Oh well, she's still cute! ;)

The blanket Dan and Stephanie gave to Caroline. It's one of my many favorites, although I'm not allowed to use it. ;p

Speaking of old photos, I've always like old wagons from back then. I've always sort of wondered how it is to ride in the back of a covered wagon. It would be fun, I think, minus any Indians. But it would also be a little crammed. :/

Now, this is one of my very favorites, aside from the water one. I thought I took this in Mandeville, but it looks like BEACH in the background! Can't say where I took it... It's a very pretty flower to me. Pink and that VERY SHADE of purple are my favorite colors. Could also be why I'm in love with it.

Wish I could write more...almost... you're probably done reading =-) That's okay, I'm all for reading some of my now very favorite books, Tale of the Goldstone Woods. Thank you Clara for introducing them!! (Rachel and I finished the first one in two days each!)

P.S. My blog is being a little weird, so if you don't understand the layout...It's my blog! Ugh.