Saturday, March 10, 2012

Old Photos

Thought I'd go through our photos while listening to awesome war themes, and found a few I liked. Here you are! Well... maybe a little more than a few... just a little... Okay, okay, a lot.
Caroline sort of goes in shock as a cold person gives her a kiss.

In this picture, Joe decided to pose his I'm-a-cool-and-awesome-football-star pose. not until after I had taken the picture did I notice Sam sneakily... sneaking into the picture. I just about died of laughter when I saw it. And Joe's cooky pose topped it off.

Lilypads are pretty, you know that? I mean, it's prettier with flowers, but I always liked lilypads.

Here is my favorite photo of all. We were going boating with some friends, and I always thought sunlight on water was pretty, but you know, I had no idea how much I would like this picture till I actually saw it on camera.

This one is from Mandeville, when I went with my awesome sisters and some awesome friends a while ago. =-) Actually, all the pictures below are from Mandeville!
This I saw in a store, instantly thought of Savannah, and took it especially for you, Savvy!! :)

Almost...there... sunlight... I'm coming!
Ahem. I mean, look! a pretty flower! i liked the shade-with-sunlight a lot, too.
energy...fading fast...o-oh... I couldn't...make it!
(if you didn't get this, look how close the flower got to the sunlight! Just barely touching!!)

Much as I tried, Caroline wouldn't smile. Oh well, she's still cute! ;)

The blanket Dan and Stephanie gave to Caroline. It's one of my many favorites, although I'm not allowed to use it. ;p

Speaking of old photos, I've always like old wagons from back then. I've always sort of wondered how it is to ride in the back of a covered wagon. It would be fun, I think, minus any Indians. But it would also be a little crammed. :/

Now, this is one of my very favorites, aside from the water one. I thought I took this in Mandeville, but it looks like BEACH in the background! Can't say where I took it... It's a very pretty flower to me. Pink and that VERY SHADE of purple are my favorite colors. Could also be why I'm in love with it.

Wish I could write more...almost... you're probably done reading =-) That's okay, I'm all for reading some of my now very favorite books, Tale of the Goldstone Woods. Thank you Clara for introducing them!! (Rachel and I finished the first one in two days each!)

P.S. My blog is being a little weird, so if you don't understand the layout...It's my blog! Ugh.

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  1. Molly you are awesome!!
    I loved all of the photos. I cracked up when I saw the one of Joe and Sam, too funny! :P

    And the Paris picture! You took it just for me?!?! YOU ARE THE BEST EVER MOLLY ROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merci douce amie! :D
    Caroline is such a little cutie.
    And you really have a special gift for photography.

    I miss you lots Molly May...... :)
    Beaucoup d'amour,


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