Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Drawing by Me =-)

Okay, so I drew a picture. I wanted to update my blog, so I drew a picture. Ain't that so borin'? Eh, well, cain't always have the best! here ya go.
Actually, I also drew it because of the 'Tales of Goldstone Woods' series. I've only read two so far because that's the only ones we have been lent so far. (Rachel and I read them in like two days!)
I highly recommend these books. Like highly recommend. As in, highly recommend. Just kidding, although they are AweSome!!
Anyhoo- Wait. did i just say anyhoo? I've been around Christie way too much. *snicker* :) As I was saying, I drew it because of a character in one of the books, Rose Red. This is what I imagined her like without her veils on.
(There is an erased part where you can still clearly see the wings. Ignore it. It's not supposed to be there. Stupid scanner.)



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