Friday, March 16, 2012

Gourmet Grinds or The Daily Grind?

So, I will admit, ever since I was like, seven? maybe eight? I always always wanted to own a small coffee shop. And I wondered. If I ever was to get it, what on earth should I call it? Rachel suggested Gourmet Grinds (That's what it's supposed to say in the picture I drew (on the computer)... it's not very good, but I don't really care, truth be told.) but Christie said The Daily Grind. Heh heh, I almost chose Christie's, but I liked Rachel's a great deal. So I wondered if you would cast in a vote as to a) Gourmet Grinds, or b) The Daily Grind. Which one do you like?
And whichever vote I got the most, I'll probably name my dream shop. :)



  1. I vote for "The Daily Grind". It sounds more homey not as "high end" as gourmet grinds. People want to go to a warm, homey, and friendly place for a cup of coffee. Like the idea though!

    Love Emma of Tin Lane

  2. Well it depends really...If you want to serve higher end types of coffee, then I would go with Rachel's " Gourmet Grinds ". . . but if you want it to be more of a casual sort of coffee shop then Christie's would work better, probably. :) my opinion! Lol. . . This is a person who is addicted to coffee and tea!!

    -caffeine addict


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