Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankfulness from A to Z

Thank you, Hanna P.! I got this idea from you. :)

Amazon. LOVE that place to shop! I am very thankful that I can do all my Christmas shopping from there when I can't go to the actual store.
Adventures! I'd be lost without them, even if it means practicing my acting all by myself in the woods, or climbing trees and pretending to be a superhero or Indiana Jones.

Babies. CUTIES!!!! :o 
Blessings. Who can't be so thankful for a blessing? Bless Thanksgiving! Bless my day! Bless YOUR day! :)
Books. I am EXTREMELY thankful for books. 
My Bible. A Bible is a book, but it's not just A book. I remember receiving my first Bible one Christmas. I was SO HAPPY! 

Chocolate. Ahhh. 
Caroline, Christie. 
Cameras. :)

Dogs, even though I don't own one, I love them SO MUCH!
Daddy. :) <3
Dan, who is also my team captain for football. :)
 David. I can't believe you have to live in Alaska! Too far away! 
Doctor Who. :)
Emily. My silly sister who loves dogs and horses just like me, who likes adventures. I can't imagine life without her.

Friches! Lilly Emma Savannah I love y'all! I wish I could see y'all more often.
Fires. Unless its burning down our woods.
Fireworks! Yay!

God. He is Great and He is Good. He is also my Blessing. :)
Giveaways, which are fun to participate in, and fun to hold!

Hunger Games. Call me nerdy, but I love my Mockingjay pin I got a few days ago a lot. The books are awesome!! I haven't seen the movies, but I don't need to. Books are awesome. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to watch it :p

Indiana. I don't think I've had such an awesome time accidentally meeting up with friends! Love ya, Addy and Gabrielle!
Independence Day! Fireworks and staying up late with friends.

Joe, who taught me how to play football, who likes to help me workout, who is my brother and is awesome all the way through!  

I can't thing of anything with a K....
Kristmas!! Oh, wait. That's CHristmas. Hmm...
Katniss? I'm not sure I'm THANKFUL for her, cause what's she done I'm thankful for? Oh, wait, she did just make the Hunger Games famous, and the Mockingjay pins. I think I'm thankful for her, and as that is all I can think of, that's what I'll stick with for now.

Love. If I couldn't love Caroline and my nephews and whoever else (like my family? maybe?) I'm not sure what we would do...

Mama! ;)
Makeup. I'm thankful I don't have to learn how to wear it just yet. I hate lipgloss, even! :[]
:) yes, I'm probably weird. That was official a long time ago.
Melissa and Michael, or, as we call them, the M&Ms.
Michelle! Yay!

Nephews n Nieces.
Norris. Chuck, Norris. (You always check your closet for the boogeyman, but the boogeyman always checks his closet for Chuck Norris.)

OH's. It's a cereal, and I really like it. Yeah, so what else can I put in?

Paper and pencils. I like to make Plans and lists.

Queen. I happen to like Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.

Rachel! Who likes TV shows and will watch them with me and Sam, including animated ones. Cause I mean, I like animated movies, like Tintin!
Reeses' Cups. Yum!!

Sam. Such a fun buddy and partner!
Snakes. (sorry Christie) Snakes are SO cool. I love to let them wrap around my arms (unless I die from to much pressure, but I haven't died. Yet. :o)
 Stephanie! :) 

Timothy! Such funny poems! Love you!
Thanksgiving, where you can spend time with family (plus, in our family, as soon as dessert is over and eaten, it Christmas season!)

Underwater. I like to be underwater a lot, as long as I can come up for air.

Violins. So gorgeous! I love to hear Dan play.

Warehouse 13. Awesome TV show!

Umm...maybe...x-rays. If we didn't have x-rays, we could never locate broken bones.

That stands for sleeping. Right?



P.S. (1) Don't forget about the Surprise Giveaway! Scroll down to learn more about it!
P.S. (2) I am taking a break from Jack Mortimer just for today, since it's Thanksgiving. Hope you're not mad, Emma L. or Clara! :p just kidding, though I really am NOT going to write today.

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