Sunday, November 11, 2012

SURVIVOR excerpt

I thought I'd share a synopsis and an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo story. So here you are.

A girl named Summer goes to survival camp for a month just for the fun on of it, but suddenly, after only a week of being there, a gang comes and attacks the camp, making everyone scatter and run for their lives...and find out that the gang is hunting them just for the fun of it, so that way no one can go home or their families will be in danger. Summer must team up with the kids from the camp to find out a way to escape from the gang, before they get killed.

...we heard crashing from on the ground. Layla and I silenced instantly as we watched about fifteen big, strong men with their muscles bulging come out into the open.
“So, who thought they heard people over here?” one of them asked. He had two guns in each hand, plus several knives in his belt. His hair was in a Mohawk, and it looked atrocious.
“I didn’t think I heard people here, I know I heard people here,” someone else said. “Probably that stupid little group of kids that ran away after we shot their friends.”
I glanced at Willow, whose eyes were filling with tears. I gave her shoulder a squeeze, and she took my hand and held it as hard as she could. It hurt, but I didn’t move my hand. I looked back down at the men.
“Humph,” the first man grunted. “I know you have good hearing, Gary, but I don’t see anyone anywhere. Let’s keep moving.”
Gary and the other men walked on. I strained my ears to hear anything else they might say. I was glad I did, for I heard, “And if anyone tries to leave this compound, we’ll catch ‘em when they get home and kill all of their family members. Hunting kids is so much fun.”
“Not when you die, it’s not,” someone else said.
The men laughed harshly and then I heard nothing else as they continued on.
I looked around in the trees and saw all of the little kids crying.

I imagined Willow looking like Amandla Stenberg. She's just so perfect and pretty. I'm not sure about anyone else, who I'd pick to be them and all. 

That's all for today, so cheerio!

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