Saturday, November 17, 2012

Surprise Giveaway!

I don't think that anyone in their wildest dreams who follow my blog would expect me to do a giveaway! I know I don't think I ever would have; this is such a spur of the moment. I'll tell you what the prize is then how to enter it:

A pretty little notebook I found accidentally when I went shopping a few days ago. I loved it ever so much, and I figured that y'all would too. I took some pictures of it, but it just won't load onto my blog! It's black and has a gorgeous golden cross on the cover, with golden small leaves embroidering the outline of the notebook, and on the right page at the bottom, it has John 3:16 written on it. I promise, I will find one way or another to upload the pictures BEFORE the deadline. Perhaps tomorrow or sometime today...

How to enter:
To enter, you must comment about your favorite book. Just one, please!

To enter TWICE:
If you want to enter in again, write a review on your blog about your favorite book. It can be however short or long as you want it; five sentences to a page. Then comment and tell me that you've written a review and you'll have your name entered again.

It starts today, and it ends December 17th.

How it works:
I'm going to enter in your name once or twice, depending on whether or not you write a review. I will then put your names into a bowl and mix it up extremely well. I promise you, it will be mixed well because I'm sure that Sam and Emmy will help me shake it all up.
Then, I'm going to have my sister Emily choose any piece of paper she would like, and ta da! instant winner. No online randomizer, just one at home, for we are random, as you know. SQUIRREL! See? So random.

Anywho, I hope you enter!
Cheerio and have a good Saturday!



  1. Hey Molly Dolly!! I am commenting for Lilly and I if that is okay. :)

    Her favorite book is 'Black Beauty' and mine is the original 'Alice in Wonderland'.

    Hope it is okay if I entered us both! :)
    We send our love and we MISS YOU!!! <3

  2. Hello, it's Sarah D from Instagram! My favorite book (well one of them) is 'Narnia-The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe'. :)


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