Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jack Mortimer, Private Eye: Part Three

So I was tiredly browsing through my NaNoWrimo story, thinking "Golly, I don't want to write today, I don't want to write today!" But, if I do, I shall get dreadfully behind in writing, and I HATE to be behind with stories.
I won't lie, I sighed and muttered, "'s Thursday....I don't want to write on Jack Mortimer."
Because it's true, I don't like working on two stories at once. But then, I found a comment awaiting me when I came on to write; a comment from Emma of Tin Lane! (a.k.a. Shirley Holmes) It made me so happy. I was very happy to get correction from someone else, and happy to receive a nice response to my story that put a smile on my face.
So now I'm all powered up again to write! Presenting Jack Mortimer, Private Eye: Part Three...

“Hmm,” I says, writing in my notebook.
Meg leaned over slightly to try to see what I was writing. I pull back, still writing. Meg sighs impatiently and starts tapping her foot. I make an exception for it at first, but it gets on my nerves. Finally, at the breaking point of my patience, I almost yells, “Do you mind?”
Normally you won’t yell at your employers, but tapping feet is one of my weaknesses that certainly can’t help but get on my nerves.
“What?” Meg says innocently, still tapping.
“Your tapping…,” I says through my teeth.
“Oh, of course,” Meg stops. “I didn’t mean to ruin your concentration.”
I begin to write again. “Oh, yeah, wanna seat?”
I barely stop writing to gesture.
“Thank you for being so hospitable,” Meg says, her voice dripping with sweetness. I can see why, though, for I should have offered her a seat a long time ago. My bad. But I didn’t real feel bad.
“Well, Miss Margaret, I have all the information I need for now,” I says.
“Oh, really? That was…,” Meg searched for words. “…short.”
“Yes, but I would like to make an appointment to see you again,” I adds. “How about…”
What’s today? Oh. Friday.
“How about Monday?” I asks.
“Oh, but I’m having a party then!” Meg protested. “My first masquerade one!”
“Well, I can dress up as a detective and meet up with you,” I suggests. “Perhaps I can meet your fiance then, too, if he’s there?”
“That sounds marvelous!” Margaret clamped her hands together. “I’ll be dressed like Joan of Arc.”
I nods. The singer left after that.
I smiles as I lie in bed. I know exactly what I want to wear to that party.

Weekends fly by to fast. Before I could realize it, it was Monday. I pulled out my costume and left for Meg’s house.
It didn’t take long, or at least it didn’t feel long before I was knocking on the door.
A doorman dressed up more than I ever cared for opened up at the first knock.
“Invitation?” he requests.
“Uh…don’t have one, not a physical one, at least,” I smiles my best. I had a sinking feeling that it was rather gruesome looking, since I hadn’t smiled in so long.
The doorman took a step back, holding a hand to his mouth. I heard a strange noise come from him, and realized that he was holding back a laugh.
“No invitation, no entrance,” he said after he was quite finished with his little laugh.
I glowered. “Get Margaret Simmons. She knows me.”
“Wait here, please…sir,” the doorman chuckled and slammed the door on my face.
Literally. I held a hand up and said, “Ow!”
The door opened a minute later.
“Ah, Mr. Jack! How are--you came dressed like that?” a woman dressed like Bo Peep said when she saw me. It was Meg, I figured.
“Yes, I did,” I replied. I stepped back. “Like it?”
“That does not look like a detective costume. I thought you said that you would come dressed up as a detective,” Meg said.
“I came dressed up as me,” I said. “And I’m a detective, amn’t I?”
Meg coughed slightly. “Er, yes. Anyhow, please come inside.”
I pouted slightly to myself as I followed Meg. I had picked out my nicest clothes, thank you very much.

Sorry I haven't written very much; I just got back from crossfit and have piano to practice and another story to write on (I have to write one thousand more word than I would like to) and extra school so I can go out shopping tomorrow. I'll try to have more written next week! Thank you, Emma and Clara, for your enthusiastic support!


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  1. The way you write gives me a good mental image. For example, "Your tapping...," I says through my teeth. Yah, I like those little details. After all I'm am---
    Shirley Holmes;)


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