Friday, June 22, 2012

sitting, waiting, wishing...

I am so excited! On Sunday, we're having some friends over (VERY EXTREMELY excited face right now).
I am sitting while listening to various songs on groove shark...
The Cave by Mumford and Sons...
and lots of others, including the Avett Brothers, more Mumford and Sons, and Jack Johnson's 'Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.'
I am waiting for the time to go home in Louisiana, as much as I love Florida.
Because of one reason.
Joe, who we are now (for the summer) are only seeing on weekends, is coming home. YAY!
I am wishing. A lot.
I am wishing that Sunday would be coming sooner than it is.

This is why I am sitting, waiting, wishing.

I guess that while I am posting, I should post day 13.
A Guilty Pleasure.
I saw that Rachel P. also posted this on her blog. Rachel, this is something we have DEFINITELY common.
I. love. oreos. NO NO NO NO. I LOVE LOVE LOVE oreos.
Me and oreos.
We were made for eachother.
By the way, you should listen to the song 'Carrichfergus' by Charlotte Church.
GORGEOUS song. Love it!
And the Swingle Singers.
The Swingle Singers are singers that sing completely without music. All with their voices.
They are AMAZING.


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  1. I can't wait for sunday either!!! I hope I'll be well enough to swim. I've heard that song by Charlotte Church, Sofia showed it to me. She loves Charlotte Church!

    Emma of Tin Lane


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