Saturday, June 2, 2012

Livin' the Awesome Life

Well, a few days ago, my mom bought us kayaks!! Wahoo!! Four of us, as you probably know, are here long enough to use them, whereas anyone else is usually back in Louisiana. So my mom bought us four kayaks! I was excited. I get to have a kayak and it's mine!
I'm calling mine............The Shark! (dramatic music)
*sigh* yes. It's yellow. Sharks are not. Whatever. It's MY kayak!! ;)
Well, see, my kayak has a'nose'. and so do sharks. it has gill-looking things, and ALL sharks have gills! uuuuuuuuuunless they're dead, killed by people. Sharks are edible, right? which means you have to skin the shark, and THAT means that the gills get taken away.

Also....guess who's in town!! Yup! Michelle and Patrick! and David! (David doesn't get to come as often as Michelle, and Shelly (that's what we call her) doesn't come that often.)
But Michelle didn't JUST come with David and Patrick. She brought someone else. But he's not BORN yet. Yes, you read right! She's pregnant!!
I know a few of you already know, but certain people in a certain THEY know?
Welp, haf a goot day, eferybody!



  1. YAY!!! Another baby Roy on the way. Congrats to all of you but, especially David and Shelly. I already heard the wonderful news via you know who. ;)

    Also, that is AWESOME that you got a Kayak! I need to come visit. SOON!!!!!! ;D

    Love ya Molly.... <3

    1. YES!!! You should TOTALLY visit soon!!!!


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