Monday, March 21, 2011

Yard work and spring planting... did I mention SWIMMING?

For the last three days (including today) we've been planting tons and tons of plants (as we have a big yard) and testing a new gadget that blows leaves or sucks them in a bag, whichever we need. And every day, near the end of the day, my cute nephew Patrick and my beautiful sister-in-law Michelle have been coming to see me ;) aah, I should be more careful. I meant, they've been coming to see the Roys. I know if I say just 'me,' I'm going to get a dunking in a cold-warming-up pool.
Speaking of pools... yes, we've been swimming! You read right. It's cold, but we suck it up (unless it's Sam, who wants to get out right away for a bath.)

Sam: (after swimming and washing pollen with me, and now lying in the sun) Molly, can I still take that bath you said I could take?
Me: Of course.
Sam: Really? When?
Me: We are right now. We're sun-bathing!

You would see pictures here, but evidently, I can't really. My mom isn't really keen on letting me use hers, because (her old one belongs to Christie now) her last one got used by everyone so many times, it doesn't really look all that nice. And Christie's is sorta of hard for me to keep still long enough to take a picture.
Well, enjoy spring!!!

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