Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things I want to tell you about. :)

The Trailer

Our trailer is awesome. I think that if I don't have much to say about, it means I don't really have words for it, it's so awesome. (We saved it from falling over!! ;) :) My mom was SOOOOO happy.) 

Knoxville, TN

Knoxville is a fun place. There's WonderWorks, an upside-down house. No kidding. There's the Dixie Stampede, there's Dollywood (Dolly Parton owns Dollywood and the Dixie Stampede), Race-car tracks, and many, many things. Like we saw SNOW on the SMOKIES!!!!

The Smokies

The Smokies had snow on them!! We played in it and got wet. Pictures will come later, or else this will be a LONG, LONG post. So I decided on two posts.
The Smokies were so beautiful. You should go there. I think we're really planning to go there next year.

What We Did

You probably guessed 'going up the mountains' already. I wonder how you knew. :) We went to WonderWorks, an awesome museum. The Dixie Stampede was SO awesome and funny. When I turn eighteen, I decided that I'll work there.

What We'll Do When We Go Next Year

We'll go to Dollywood. It's a theme-park. My parents wanted to take us there, but we only had two days there (because before, we were at the dealership, still putting things in.). We'll also do the car-race.. thingy.

Who Was There

My dad, my mom, my pregnant sister; Melissa a.k.a. Sis; Sissa, Rachel, Christie, Emmy, me, and Sam.

Who Helped Get Our Trailer Saved

My mom, my dad, Mr. David, Dan, and sorta me.

Pictures WILL come later!  

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  1. Wow! So glad you got kept it from falling over!!!! And glad ya'll had so much fun Molly!

    Thanks for posting! Can't wait for pictres!



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