Friday, March 4, 2011

Packing Up!

I can't believe that the trip to the Smokies is on SUNDAY!!! Right after the sermon is done, we leave right away.
But, of course, we can't leave out the packing for the Childrens' Retreat, some thing for kids (Sam, Emmy, and I) that our church is doing. Sam is so excited (as is Emmy... we're having pizza and ice cream!! Emmy is so excited over that ;). 
The Childrens' Retreat is today, so I don't think that Christie or I will be posting until next Monday, the thirteenth, I think. Unless we have internet, which I doubt.
Also something besides the Smokies, remember. The Dixie Stampede! Emmy loves horses (although I honestly think that she is not going to like being up close to them), and my mom thinks Emmy will absolutely love it. It's a horse and dinner show.
We're sorta done packing, not really. I need lots of warm stuff, of which I have only about... a little more than half of it. Yep, I'm getting kind of frantic about packing, which I rarely ever am. Which means I'm really, really excited about this trip.

This picture underneath is way out of the subject, but it's really awesome. That is my brother Dan, when we visited the capital of Texas. I don't really think he was posing at all. I think he was waiting for us, and was actually bored.


  1. Haha! I meant to comment on this post earlier... it's very neat looking!

    He does look a bit bored... but, it's very cool! Now, I know what Texas' capital looks like!!


  2. You'd have to see the inside. It's really neat.

  3. haha! wish I could! I've been through TX, to the Alamo! But, not to the capital!



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