Thursday, March 31, 2011

Story time!

Guess what! I'm working on a new story. Yes, I have several stories going, but I think I like this most. So far. I have another one I like. Here's part of it. Do you have any pointers?

                         Meg’s Secret Garden

I sat down at my desk and turned on my laptop. While it was booting up, I charged to my dresser drawer and attacked a pack of milk duds. I returned to my computer and checked my gmail.

Daisy: Meg! How are you doing? Finished moving in yet?

Daisy was my friend in Montana before I and my family moved to Mississippi. We’d been friends since first grade.

Me: Great! Yeah, we’re finished moving in. I’m not sharing my room with Annie any more, because we have lots of bedroom.

Annie is my curious, brown-haired, seven-year-old sister I used to share my room with.

Daisy: Excited about your home? You have to be, I know. ;) I’ll have to come see your home as an excuse to see you. :D

Me: Kinda excited… there’s nothing really to do here, because we live on a busy street. Everyone’s busy all the time.

Daisy: Oh. Well, find something magical! When I come, we’ll have to explore.

Me: Okay. Well, I gtg, BFF <3 I’ll see you soon!

Daisy: Wait, hold it. WHAT?!?!?!? What do you mean???

I closed my computer and smiled. Daisy’s coming down soon for a months’ visit, but her mom’s pretending that they’re going to see their aunt. I looked out my window, where it was grey and threatening to rain.
“Supper time!” I heard Mom call up the stairs. Immediately there was a mad rush of feet, mine included.


I yawned and woke up. Today was Saturday, and I was happy. Now I’d have some time to actually explore the outside for once. I threw a glance at the clock. 7:20. Jumping out of bed, I hurriedly took a shower and changed. This is a reason I like my new room: I have my own bathroom. I rushed down stairs.
“Good morning, Mom,” I said, preparing to grab a cup to dump some cereal in. “Hey, what’s the toast for?”
“You,” she said, sipping her coffee. “I thought you’d go exploring today.”
I gave her a hug, picked up my breakfast, and lunged out the front door.

I went to the backyard, as we had only a few feet of front year before it turned into a road. A busy one, at that. Finishing my toast, I spied some sour grass and clover. I dropped to my knees and started to pick a few.
“What type of flower is that?” I asked myself, seeing some pink flowers that seemed to be part of the clover. “Flowers plural, rather.”
Curious, I ate one. It tasted like sour grass. Suddenly, I don’t know why, but I thought of a series of books that I loved: The Fairy Realm about a girl named Jessie who finds a secret garden to, well, a fairy realm. To get into it, she says ’open’ and there she is.
And at that moment, that’s what I felt like doing.
“Open,” I said.
Everything around me darkened, and I felt like I was falling. I opened my eyes, and I found myself in a place opposite of my home. Sunny, lots of flowers, and inviting. I smiled. I knew what to do. Eat a pink flower, and say ‘open’ and I’m in. I looked around and gasped. Faeries were flitting around, and pixies were playing a game. I saw elves every now and then, some of them staring at me. I backed up a step and smacked into something.
“Oh, sorry!” I said when I saw it was an elf. He stared at me.
“Who are you?” he asked suspiciously. “Where did you come from?”
“Oh, I’m Margret, Meg for short,” I introduced myself. “I come from Alabama.”
The elf frowned. “What’s Alabama?” he asked.
“It’s a state. But I found this secret realm, and I don’t know how far away I am from Alabama. It’s magic you know, that brought me here.”
“Oh really,” said the elf sarcastically. “I didn’t know, and I’ve lived here all my life. I’m Darren, by the way.”
I smiled and said, “it’s nice to meet you.” I held out my hand.
Darren looked at it, raised his eyebrow, and walked away. A fairy alighted on my outstretched hand.
“He’s a dark elf,” she explained. “Dark elves never smile. Or, at least, that’s what I hear, it’s not what I believe.”
“Oh, I should have known,” I smiled. “There’s a book I read about a dark elf. It was sad, but interesting.”
“Really?” asked ther fairy. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Cupcake, named after my interest in cupcakes.”
Cupcake giggled. “What’s the book called? Maybe we’ll have it in our library. If not, maybe…” she looked at me hopefully. “Maybe you can bring the book with you next time you visit.”
“Sure. The book is ‘The Dark Elf’ by Rachel Roy. Oh, ‘The Castle Bard‘ is awesome too, by the way. It‘s by the same author.”
The fairy said “thanks” and flew away.
Suddenly I thought of the time. I looked down at my watch, that said 8:40. Mom would worry. I found some more pink sour grass flowers. Eating one, I said “Close.” Nothing happened. “Back,” I tried. Then came the same falling feeling, and opening my eyes, I was back right where I was before when I was at home. 

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  1. What an interesting and exciting start to the second story. Can't wait to see more of it:)


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