Tuesday, May 28, 2013

iPod Life and the Beach

 We made cookies for Memorial Day in Florida. Finally, some chewy ones! They didn't last very long.
 Rhiannon showed me a new editing app. I fell instantly in love.
 I've been to the Naval Aviation Museum billions of times and I'm still not sick of it. We got to show Rhiannon around. :)
 She deliberately avoided the camera for a while then decided to look at it. For some really weird reason, she looks like Samwise Gamgee in this picture...to me, anyhow...eh?
 Flowers at the beach house!
 Some of the first hydrangeas at our house. (a few of us came home early for piano reasons.)
But most of all, boating, sand, and the sea. We had so much fun with the ENTIRE family down, plus some. David came down as a total surprise and shock to everyone. I REALLY wish I could share the video I got of my mom's shock (she screamed. Hilarious. :p)
     Our uncle and aunt came down. It's a tradition. :) And lately we've been hanging out with Stephanie's brother Dylan more often, and he came down for Memorial Day. We (Sam, Dylan, Emily, and I) got boards and slid down sand dunes while he was here, and that was a lot of fun. Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend are my most favorite holidays because we have all our family over. Labor Day can't come soon enough! :)

Doctor Who was also exciting to watch, as I got to watch some episodes I hadn't seen of Season Seven. I got some scares in. Eep!

So, tally-ho, summer! Many adventures await us!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Working Out and Workout Songs

Ugh so I keep telling myself I'm going to run...
"It's nice out to run!"
-goes outside-
"It's way too hot out to run."

"I'm feeling running energy coming up..."
-goes upstairs to put on running clothes-
"Have I said that my room needs picking up?"
-doesn't pick up room--doesn't go running-

Oh well. But I am starting to go running anyhow, and working out. It's sort of hard to find songs that get me pumped up and aren't really songs that make me wanna dance.
Dancing is not something you want to feel like doing while you're working out, right? But this is what I feel when I work out:

My body tells me no
But I won't quit
Cause I want more
Cause I want more
My body tells me no
But I won't quit
Cause I want more
Cause I want more

PERFECT WORKOUT LYRICS or what? It's 'My Body' by Young the Giant. Boom. I love the tune. #thatPOWER is also one that makes me want to workout...but be warned. Justin Bieber sings in this one. Ugh. But oh well.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Scavenger Hunt for Books!

Scavenger Hunt Link

Tomorrow is the book scavenger hunt at Anne Elisabeth's blog! It will be so much fun! Y'all should totally join!

Basically, as I've learned recently, this is sort of what you do:

From Anne Elisabeth's site, you'll see a selection of great prizes...and a link to another person's blog. The hunt starts then when you click on the other link. From that person's blog, there will be a clue, clearly marked like CLUE #1. It'll be a word, I think. Write down that word and click on another link provided from that person.
     Clue #2 should be there. Collect and click link. On and so forth. Once you've visited all 36 sites, you'll have a quote or something like it. Here's where I'm not real sure, but you at the last site you enter the giveaway and when you're emailed, you have to send the quote to them. Just go see.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

OH NO uh oh

Yesterday I worked and then spent the night at the LeBlancs....and totally missed out on the Characters and Costume Reveal Gillian hosted!! EEG I feel so bad, but without further ado, my character....

 Allie Burch is a fifteen-year-old pickpocket and house thief. She fends for herself in the streets and dislikes everyone. Luckily for her, everyone else manages to keep their distance.
 Allie thinks she is a pretty good thief.
She trades in jewels at the local pawn shop for money. But when a wanted gang finds her stash of newly acquired jewels, they challenge Allie to a dare to prove how good she is, a temptation Allie finds too hard to resist.
 And one that leads her to a mess of trouble.
      She must learn how to actually trust people and to be friends, facing many trials along the way.
It all starts with Allie, her knife, her duck tape, and a little too much vanity...

I hope you liked this...ask me any questions about Allie if you didn't learn enough; I've never done one of these before, but I plan on doing as many as Gillian hosts! Thanks for this, Gillian!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm just sitting, waiting, wishing....

sitting here listening to Jack Johnson

waiting to eat ice cream while I watch a movie ;)

wishing an episode of my favorite TV show would just come on hulu already. But I have to wait until it's available, while it's available for hulu PLUS. Drrg.

I kayaked today with Rachel, Sam, and Dan, a long ways away. It took even LONGER on the return trip as we were going against the current and the wind. Poor Sam had to be tied to Dan's kayak since he wasn't getting anywhere, only drifting backwards. We all got so frustrated on the way back since we weren't getting anywhere.
     Rachel got mad so she started singing instead of going crazy, she said. I'm not sure what Dan and Sam did, because they were behind me. I made a goal: "I'm going to paddle really hard even though I'm tired and I'm going to try to get past this house"---ten minutes later---"I HAVEN'T GOTTEN ANYWHERE I HATE THE WORLD"
     Let's just say, we were the happiest to be on land again. It was not a very fun trip.

But we're good now. In fact, I'm listening to Pandora radio, reading through a few comments on my blog...I came to the comment Hannah posted on my Plainly Beastie excerpt and smiled. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your ideas, Hannah! Ha ha, that chapter has changed so much with your idea, and my sister-in-law Stephanie's idea. This will be fun to post when I finish.

      Whew, Memorial Day is coming fast! Our tradition is my aunt and uncle come down to Florida with us at our beach house, and we have the whole family too, except my brother and his family, the one in Alaska.

Speaking of the one in Alaska, they're moving to Virgina come June! I'm very excited! They'll finally have a place nice and warm where my nephews Patrick and Jacob can play and they're much closer.

Stephanie is getting out of the army finally in like two months and a half or so. Everyone is VERY excited...

Okay, that's it. I promise. I'll stop. No more.