Thursday, May 16, 2013

Scavenger Hunt for Books!

Scavenger Hunt Link

Tomorrow is the book scavenger hunt at Anne Elisabeth's blog! It will be so much fun! Y'all should totally join!

Basically, as I've learned recently, this is sort of what you do:

From Anne Elisabeth's site, you'll see a selection of great prizes...and a link to another person's blog. The hunt starts then when you click on the other link. From that person's blog, there will be a clue, clearly marked like CLUE #1. It'll be a word, I think. Write down that word and click on another link provided from that person.
     Clue #2 should be there. Collect and click link. On and so forth. Once you've visited all 36 sites, you'll have a quote or something like it. Here's where I'm not real sure, but you at the last site you enter the giveaway and when you're emailed, you have to send the quote to them. Just go see.

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