Tuesday, May 28, 2013

iPod Life and the Beach

 We made cookies for Memorial Day in Florida. Finally, some chewy ones! They didn't last very long.
 Rhiannon showed me a new editing app. I fell instantly in love.
 I've been to the Naval Aviation Museum billions of times and I'm still not sick of it. We got to show Rhiannon around. :)
 She deliberately avoided the camera for a while then decided to look at it. For some really weird reason, she looks like Samwise Gamgee in this picture...to me, anyhow...eh?
 Flowers at the beach house!
 Some of the first hydrangeas at our house. (a few of us came home early for piano reasons.)
But most of all, boating, sand, and the sea. We had so much fun with the ENTIRE family down, plus some. David came down as a total surprise and shock to everyone. I REALLY wish I could share the video I got of my mom's shock (she screamed. Hilarious. :p)
     Our uncle and aunt came down. It's a tradition. :) And lately we've been hanging out with Stephanie's brother Dylan more often, and he came down for Memorial Day. We (Sam, Dylan, Emily, and I) got boards and slid down sand dunes while he was here, and that was a lot of fun. Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend are my most favorite holidays because we have all our family over. Labor Day can't come soon enough! :)

Doctor Who was also exciting to watch, as I got to watch some episodes I hadn't seen of Season Seven. I got some scares in. Eep!

So, tally-ho, summer! Many adventures await us!

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