Saturday, May 11, 2013

OH NO uh oh

Yesterday I worked and then spent the night at the LeBlancs....and totally missed out on the Characters and Costume Reveal Gillian hosted!! EEG I feel so bad, but without further ado, my character....

 Allie Burch is a fifteen-year-old pickpocket and house thief. She fends for herself in the streets and dislikes everyone. Luckily for her, everyone else manages to keep their distance.
 Allie thinks she is a pretty good thief.
She trades in jewels at the local pawn shop for money. But when a wanted gang finds her stash of newly acquired jewels, they challenge Allie to a dare to prove how good she is, a temptation Allie finds too hard to resist.
 And one that leads her to a mess of trouble.
      She must learn how to actually trust people and to be friends, facing many trials along the way.
It all starts with Allie, her knife, her duck tape, and a little too much vanity...

I hope you liked this...ask me any questions about Allie if you didn't learn enough; I've never done one of these before, but I plan on doing as many as Gillian hosts! Thanks for this, Gillian!


  1. YEY! You got your character up! She's so cool, and those pictures are wonderful. Which story of yours is she from?

    I know you said you were bored when you tried reading 'The Thief' by Megan Whalen Turner, but you should really try again, or start with the more fast-paced book 2, 'The Queen of Attolia'. :D

  2. "It all starts with Allie, her knife, her duck tape, and a little too much vanity..."

    Sounds like a recipe for trouble right there! ;) Pickpockets and thieves are so much fun to write--I'm writing one at the moment as well. Allie sounds like a fun character too.

    So glad you joined in the challenge this time!

  3. You know you're really good at coming up with really good stories! Great job Molly!


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