Monday, February 18, 2013

Blogger Award!!

Well, Padme gave me a blogger award!! :-) And in return, I will answer questions she has asked. (I LOVE answering questions!! I am so glad to answer these now.)

1.) What is your favorite genre to read? watch? write?

I love to read all sorts of genres. Fantasy, name it. As long as nothing bad is in it, and it's not boring, I'll read it.
I love to watch sci-fi and fantasy, adventure and comedy. I am SUCH a geek and proud of it ha ha! :-) I like reality shows too, but they have taken my favorites off of instant stream!!
I write fantasy. Fairytales is all I'm really good at, but I like writing those. I'm horrible at reality stories, and my stories consist of being in the first person, though occasionally I press myself to do it in the second and third person. And poems. I like writing poems.

2.) What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Usually the top hits...I skip the over-popular ones and the bad ones, and I'll live to be 21 if I listen to Taylor Swift, but top hits are good. I NEVER listen to Justin Bieber or 1D, but that is beside the point.
I mostly listen to movie and TV soundtracks, though, when I write.

3.) What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Climb trees, roller-blade, craft, write, read, and watch movies...babysit my niece. ;-) I practice acting when I walk in the woods, and I like to draw, albeit I know I'm not good. It's still fun.

4.) If you could visit anywhere in the universe (including fictional places), at any time, and with any person...where/when/who would it be [with]? And why?

I would totally visit someplace kind of like Narnia mixed with Neverland a lot, with lots of adventures like Indiana's Jones', including having close scrapes but always escaping.
I would take one visit with the Doctor, then take it all for myself. Occasionally, and only with people I really trust that wouldn't blab about it, I would take a friend.
When? Anytime. At night, where it is day in my fantasy land, and no one would think to follow me; they'd believe I was sleeping, hopefully.
My fantasy land would include mermaids, pirates, fairies, waterfalls, fern, moss, and lots of chocolate. The chocolate would be in people's homes, don't worry, but it would be an endless supply. mostly of twix.

5.) When you are having a bad day, what do you do to get in a better mood?

I watch Rhett and Link, or take a walk in the woods completely by myself. I gorge myself into fantasy land often.
I have two worlds, peoples, and nobody knows it. Sometimes, I can't remember how I converse between lands, but I do, and it always seems real. I usually write these down, sometimes in my journal, but mostly in my notebook I keep away from people. It consists of drawings and stories, and I can't believe I actually told you that.
Well, it's okay; you'll never find it.

Okay, I'm done. I also wanted to answer Padme Arya's question as to which of Miss Jill Smith's books I won. I chose Michal, one of the wives of King David. I'm very excited to read it, but I'll have to wait until I get home from Florida since it is addressed to my Louisiana home. DRRG I don't think I can wait patiently enough!

I'm sorry everything is now in italics, but blogger is acting weird. :/ It just happened all of a sudden. 

Thanks, Padme, for the award, and thanks everyone else for reading!
Molly :-)

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  1. Very nice...I'm glad you enjoyed the award. I like your answers :)
    I'm soooo sorry I didn't comment on this earlier...It seems Blogger is not putting your posts in my homepage thing...but I'm SURE I'm following you...


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