Sunday, February 3, 2013

A post of pictures!!

Today, I decided to post...I'm not very good at this, so I decided to pictures! I haven't posted pictures in like, a REALLY long time. Or just posted, for that matter! (All pictures are NOT edited)
And so I grabbed a camera and took pictures of things I thought looked cool.
Such a nice day. I love spring. Blue skies with wispy clouds that hardly block the sun. :-)
Did I mention that I love spring?
And I end with nothing better than Converses. Oh yes.
Ah, but that isn't even the best part! No, no, the best part is THE BEST part. So for that series I've been reading, The Tales of Goldstone Wood, (which, btw, I read the fourth book. It's my favorite so far!) my dearest friend, Clara, put one of the poems into GORGEOUS SONG. Yes. She did. And I have listened to it, what? A dozen times? and counting.
Guys, go listen to it. Click on the link and do it. It is SO BEAUTIFUL. And I hear she might do another one. (either that or be extremely annoyed by my consistent stream of texts demanding she do another one. Which she got. :P)
ISN'T IT AMAZING???? Tell me what you thought. NOW, STOP READING and GO LISTEN.



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