Friday, September 9, 2011


I decided I had some very funny quotes, so I thought you might enjoy them! Here you are, Dear Readers, read and have some laughs!

Molly: Sam, would you please go bring the phone here in case someone calls?
(phone rings right after she finishes)
Sam: Okay, I'll go get it.
Molly: Oh, Sam! We forgot to bring the phone here. Bring it here, will you, in case it rings?
(phone rings right after she finishes)
Sam: Wow, perfect timing again!

Emmy: Molly! There is a frog in my shorts!
(Emmy is a nut. She changed her shorts, but there was nothing in her other pair.)

Emmy: Oh no! Molly! There's a caterpillar in my shirt!
(Again, nothing there. Emmy and her Emmy-isms.)

Emmy: My head aches. I'm tired. I might faint.

Sam: Rachel, what are Northern Lights?
Rachel: The Aurora Borealis. (Or Arboreal. Which one??)
Sam: Well, what's the Aurora Borealis?
Rachel: The Northern Lights.

Molly: Hey Sam, will you please go empty the pool cleaner for Mama? I'm pretty sure it needs it.
Sam: I'm expecting dead lizards and such.

Me: So. Watcha gonna do with that can of chicken broth, play with it all day?
Sam: Yep.
Me: Your best friend, huh?
Sam: Yes. (walks away)
Me: Hmm. (looks at Sam suddenly) wait, what about ME??
Sam: What about you?

Mama: ...So what is Peter?
Emily: A boy.
Mama: That’s right. And Susie is a..?
Emily: A girl.
Mama: and Ken is a Barbie, that’s right.
Emily: No, Ken is a doll.

Scarrup: It suddenly seems very quiet.
Dockwood: That’ll be the absence of the ladies, then, sir. ----The Secret of Moonacre.

We went to get our checkups today, only to find out Emmy and I had to get shots! Emmy was very brave though. She made faces, but didn't make a sound. Me? What did I do? I didn't do anything. No, indeed. I was too busy playing the iPhone, so nothing could divert my attention.

Ooh, everyone is excited about Sam's upcoming birthday! We're having close friends over and then we're going to City Park in New Orleans. (I'm excited because I'm tall enough to ride the bumper cars!) Last time I went (I am the only one in our family that has gone) it was for a friend's birthday, and I was sadly too short to ride bumper cars. And they now have a Ferris wheel! Haven't been on one for years! (Yes, about eight years ago.)
Well, I must now go finish that thing for Sammy's birthday gift! I hope you have a blessed day, Dear Reader, and a good one at that.

"Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That is why it is called the Present."


  1. I think my favorite is the first one Molly! (since I'm the 'phone girl' at our house)!! Thanks for posting theses!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday to SAMMY!!! (BTW - how old is he?!) Quite the little gentlman probably!

    Sarah Elisabeth

  2. Sammy is ten. Yes, he quite the little gentleman! :)
    Sam: I'm ten today!
    Mama: Feel any different? Older, taller?
    Sam: (forlornly) no.


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