Friday, September 2, 2011

It's A Wet World After All

Two days ago, you probably wouldn't believe, we went to Florida for Labor Day. When we got there, after setting up out trailer (we're not allowed to call it a camper; Melissa says so. It's 'hoteling'), we found that our aunt and uncle weren't coming because something happened to our cousin. The next day, we found out it was supposed to rain ALL weekend long. and we would be stuck inside the trailer. So, Melissa and Michael didn't come. We packed up in about a few minutes before an hour, and left for home. And it's raining here. Oh, but we have lots of things to do here! It's a wet world out there; far and near you can hear the drumming of rain. Lol, I thought that that sentence sounded really story-like, so I used it. ;)
Speaking of stories, Joe made up a story. "How to Write a Murder Mystery: a step-by-step tutorial by Joe Roy".

Rachel: I wish that there was a really good book on how to write a good murder mystery.
Joe: Well, huh, bet I could do that.

And he did! So now, with the author's permission, I am copying his paper book onto computer and am going to publish it soon! I am painting it on the computer. You will want to see it, his illustrations are very funny but good. :p I will perhaps publish it tonight or tomorrow. (Me hopes you will vant to rreeaadd it!)


  1. DEFINITELY want to read it! :) LOL!

    We almost drowned with all the rain last week too!! Soaked up gallons and gallons of water from our basement!

    Sarah Elisabeth

  2. Wow! We always get huge puddles from rain storms.
    I'm going to post the book a little later, because it takes a while to upload the pictures, re-write what it says (because it's too small to really read very well) and make sure it's in the correct order.


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