Friday, June 17, 2011

Paradise ;)

It's great to be home, as much as I love Florida! There, we have the beach, the salty huge waves... but at home, we have Sissa and Michael to look forward to tomorrow, and excitement as they move down, we have Stephanie and Dan, and Rachel and Daddy... we have the comforts of home.
I call home 'Perpetual Paradise' because, well, if you come, you'll see a big pool, with waterfalls and the water cascading down beautifully, huge plants, such as banana plants, hibiscus, ginger, all of which are among many other plants. The woods block the streets, you hear birds singing, no cars can be heard (unless they're loud...), the grass is beautifully green, and a trail leads you through the woods and to a lonely road where, by the side, is an orchard (which probably the fruit is yummy, and that explains why we never get any because the animals get them...).
Really, this is fantasy land, where you have peace and quite, lots of books, and cement that feels good but scalds your feet..
I always pretend I'm found in fairy land, it just feels like it, save for the fact we don't have faeries...

                                            There we have it. Can you picture the paradise? I certainly can (as I live here).    

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  1. Hello Molly Dear!
    I'm very sorry I've not read or commented on your blog in a while!
    But, it does seem that I cannot see any of your photos! I'm sure they are lovely.... but, I just can't see them!

    And I too think your "paradise" is GRAND!


    Sarah Elisabeth


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