Sunday, May 29, 2011

An update on what's happening!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting. It's all because we were kept busy over something. Michelle and Patrick came to Florida with us!! Here's how it went:
About a week ago, last weekend, Ms. Jeanne and Rachel had finally gotten here. No one else was expected. Suddenly, Christie and I hear another knock on our door. With questioning looks, we opened the door, to find Shelly and Patrick on the steps! Mama's face was shocked when she saw them.
Yesterday, I walked into our trailer, and, naturally, looked over at the couch to see Michelle and Patrick.... and David!! Now we have everyone here, except Joe and Tim, who are expected mid-July. They said mid-June, but they probably won't make it, having to sell their bikes, and then fly over here. 
 Weeks before that, we saw our friends that we've known for a long time, but haven't seen for a very long time. Above is Savannah and Cole. Below is someone falling out.It's hard to see, but then, you notice that it looks like someone isn't really in the Viper (the float they're riding); that's Greg falling out.
Yesterday we did hermit crab races and best-sand-building contest. I made 'Wild Adventures with the Roys' water park, Christie did the USS Alabama and Sam did war trenches. Sam and I tied third in the hermit crab races. My prizes were a finger print kit and a magnifying glass with a part that zooms in super close. Sam got a color code thingy and a fake grenade. He didn't really use the color code thing, so I have it for emergencies. ;)
(If anyone has any trouble buying anything for me, just remember that I LOVE detective and spy stuff!!! :) )
Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!! :) :)

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