Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ah, Spring! That Magical Time of The Year...

Spring, spring. I love spring. I love summer more, but at least it's warmer weather and cloudless, beautiful, blue skies. We're already outside and playing! Jumping on our trampoline, running around in the yard, and playing in the woods. On gorgeous days like these, I like to read my Science and History outside, either drinking, eating, doing both, or having nothing. I have a favorite spot next to Christie's which we both like. Our garbage used to go there, but we moved it. It is so warm there, during all parts of the day. I usually read there, or have lunch, or play there. In the summer, a beautiful tree grows up in front of the spot, so it slightly shades you, but it's SO pretty to look at. But then, during Science, you might learn something about plants, and then you suddenly look up, and see the beautiful surroundings. Don't you like the beginning of spring? It's then the beginning of summer, the most enjoyed of all, because we go to the beach every summer, and enjoy it. I'm already sick at thought of never going to the beach this summer, because I want to go real bad now. Smell the salty air, have the wind in my face on the boat, swimming, walking around and finding shells on the beach... when are we going??!? Don't you like to do that? I mean, if you like the beach and you have a boat? If you don't have a boat, you can still enjoy getting splashed in the face with salt water if you really wanted to be at the beach. Well, now, if we go to Florida, we're usually gone for a week, so when we go, you won't hear anything for two weeks!

Well, TTAF! TTFN! (If you don't know what that means I can translate it: Tee tee a fin! Ta ta for now! That's how I like to say goodbye sometimes!)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! I know it's a bit early, but you never know what you'll be doing on Sunday, so I like to post a bit early sometimes, if I think I need to.
I hope you enjoy Valentine's Day, and writing Valentine cards to your family! I've written all mine, except a couple, which I'll be doing before tomorrow. I can't wait to pass mine out!

Happy Valentine's to you!
Happy Valentine's to you! 
Happy Valentine's everbodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Happy Valentine's to you!

Now, this song can go to any tune you want, as long as you like the tune. It can go to the tune of 'Happy Birthday', too. That's actually the way I sing it.
Well, again, Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sleet... and SNOW!!!

We had sleet yesterday! We called it snow. Christie came up yesterday and said to me, "Molly, it's SNOWING!!" I didn't believe her at all. I followed her outside, and there it was, snowing. Christie, my younger brother Sam, and I each got a round sled and played slip'n'slide on the trampoline. Sam called it 'Penguins and Polar Bears'. We made the game by saying you had three lives. Each time you fell, slipped or stepped of your sled, you lost a life. The polar bear was the person who lost all his or her lives. He had to make the somebody else fall off and lose all their lives by bumping their sled with your sled. No shoving or pushing.
Today, it sleeted, and then REALLY snowed! Nothing stuck. Still, we went on the trampoline again and made up another game. It's called 'Astronauts and Martians'. If you fall of your sled, you're the martian. You come up and try to bump the other person off. It's real similar to 'Penguins and Polar Bears' except that you get one life.
Up in Hattisburg, our older brothers had 4 or 5 inches of snow. Joe, the oldest brother at home, said her made a snow-angel and got soaked. His feet were soaked too, from all the snow. Joe and Dan, (Dan is the second oldest at home) had a snowball fight at 2:00 in the morning.
Well, we just hope it snows again! Hopefully it will tomorrow. That's all for now! If anything new comes up, it'll be posted as soon as possible. Which might be tomorrow. Which  might be any day. Who knows?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We made doughnuts today! They didn't turn out quite right, but we lived. They were delicious! Especially dipped in the glaze. We didn't glaze all of them, but we will soon. Christie made them, and I helped a little bit. Christie said she thought it was the yeast and she didn't do something with it quite right, but anyway, we thought they were good. Well, that is, I thought they were good. Don't you like hot doughnuts for breakfast with milk to go along with it? Milk goes very well with it. It goes with cookies real well, too.

I'm still working on getting my posts better than they are. They're kind of hard to do, especially when you don't know what to write. I can show you my poem I made up!

If I were a bird, I'll tell you what I'd do.
 I'd fly around the world with a little coo.
I'd eat my seeds from people's hands,
And fly across all the lands.
I'd sleep on a bed made of twigs,
And eat off branches,a lot of figs.
I'd alight on top of people's fingers,
Then I'd join a group of singers.
I do not know what I'd do next,
Which leaves me a little vexed.

I hope it's all right. I wrote in a story. It's actually my first best poem I've really done. The others are O.K. They're not really good. Well, I'm out of words now, so I'll write later! (I don't know when later is, so don't count on it being too soon.)