Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ah, Spring! That Magical Time of The Year...

Spring, spring. I love spring. I love summer more, but at least it's warmer weather and cloudless, beautiful, blue skies. We're already outside and playing! Jumping on our trampoline, running around in the yard, and playing in the woods. On gorgeous days like these, I like to read my Science and History outside, either drinking, eating, doing both, or having nothing. I have a favorite spot next to Christie's which we both like. Our garbage used to go there, but we moved it. It is so warm there, during all parts of the day. I usually read there, or have lunch, or play there. In the summer, a beautiful tree grows up in front of the spot, so it slightly shades you, but it's SO pretty to look at. But then, during Science, you might learn something about plants, and then you suddenly look up, and see the beautiful surroundings. Don't you like the beginning of spring? It's then the beginning of summer, the most enjoyed of all, because we go to the beach every summer, and enjoy it. I'm already sick at thought of never going to the beach this summer, because I want to go real bad now. Smell the salty air, have the wind in my face on the boat, swimming, walking around and finding shells on the beach... when are we going??!? Don't you like to do that? I mean, if you like the beach and you have a boat? If you don't have a boat, you can still enjoy getting splashed in the face with salt water if you really wanted to be at the beach. Well, now, if we go to Florida, we're usually gone for a week, so when we go, you won't hear anything for two weeks!

Well, TTAF! TTFN! (If you don't know what that means I can translate it: Tee tee a fin! Ta ta for now! That's how I like to say goodbye sometimes!)

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