Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We made doughnuts today! They didn't turn out quite right, but we lived. They were delicious! Especially dipped in the glaze. We didn't glaze all of them, but we will soon. Christie made them, and I helped a little bit. Christie said she thought it was the yeast and she didn't do something with it quite right, but anyway, we thought they were good. Well, that is, I thought they were good. Don't you like hot doughnuts for breakfast with milk to go along with it? Milk goes very well with it. It goes with cookies real well, too.

I'm still working on getting my posts better than they are. They're kind of hard to do, especially when you don't know what to write. I can show you my poem I made up!

If I were a bird, I'll tell you what I'd do.
 I'd fly around the world with a little coo.
I'd eat my seeds from people's hands,
And fly across all the lands.
I'd sleep on a bed made of twigs,
And eat off branches,a lot of figs.
I'd alight on top of people's fingers,
Then I'd join a group of singers.
I do not know what I'd do next,
Which leaves me a little vexed.

I hope it's all right. I wrote in a story. It's actually my first best poem I've really done. The others are O.K. They're not really good. Well, I'm out of words now, so I'll write later! (I don't know when later is, so don't count on it being too soon.)


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