Monday, November 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Everyone knows that after Thanksgiving dessert, it's Christmas season! I just can't wait to decorate!! Our van had water in the gas, so we were stalled from coming home, so while we waited, we helped decorate my aunt's uncle's house. It was beautiful when we finished! Now it's time to decorate ours! Yay!! We're going to get our tree today, because we were gone Saturday. I'm sooo happy! My oldest sister is coming down to help decorate the house, and to watch us while our parents leave for a while on their 31st anniversary. I can't wait to put up my stocking! My sister made it. It took her five years! I love to decorate oh, so much. All I have to do after decorating, is finish my Christmas list for everyone, wrap them, and I'm done! Ooh, and we have candy calenders! I'm never going to be to old for that. Yippee! I just CANNOT wait!!!! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your dad and mom!! :D


  2. Thanks, I'll tell them that!

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