Friday, December 20, 2013

why, hello there...

Hullo, readers!

      We've been ridiculously busy over here; Christmas is only five days away?!
      I only have one more gift to get, people are piling in...I still can't believe Christmas is in the next few days. Last year it dragged by!
      But I might know why it's gone by so fast...

       When we got back from Tampa, Michelle and Christie with Michelle's two boys came over from Virginia (Christie spent Thanksgiving with them) and Stephanie came over and then we decorated...we had to wait until almost the tenth of December to decorate because Michelle wanted to decorate with us.
         Then Stephanie left and came back with her brother and we 'splored New Orleans some more; saw the new movie 'Frozen' and walked around a place lit up with lights everywhere; played card games and laughed too much; and watched movies. I finally watched 'The Mummy' too!
        Stephanie returned her brother and came back with 'Star Trek: Into Darkness', which I convinced Rachel to let me watch as well. It was amazing. I loved it.
       Then with friends, we went to the New Orleans 'Celebration at the Oaks' at City Park. City Park is a place for rides, but Celebration at the Oaks is not only when you can ride the rides at night, but it's completely lit up. It's amazing. We rode the Ferris Wheel and it shut down when Stephanie and I were near the top. (needless to say it got working again) We had the best view, and though we were a little bit scared, it was magical. I mean, that's just the memory of one of life's mini adventures. I loved it!
         But whew, the just flew by. Guys, I'm still in shock.
        I have a favorite actor now. I had a couple, yes, but this time I can pull one out, out of those. Augh. Tom Hiddleston.

This is him in Delayed Gratification with Cookie Monster, which is hilarious by the way.

He drew a picture of himself as Loki to make money to donate to charity; look at him! He's so pleased with the drawing he took of picture of it. He named the drawing '"Loki" by Loki'.
One more picture.
 I love you.
He makes me laugh all the time because he's so silly and laughs at himself all the time.
Seriously, I've never seen any guy as polite, gentlemanly, and hilarious (and sweet) as Tom Hiddleston. He really is.
He loves being Loki; while other actors are like: People assume things about you because of the roles you play, even when what you act like on-screen is not true about you at all.
Then there's Tom Hiddleston (of course, he's Loki): (off-screen) KNEEL BEFORE ME! I have an Army! I am the GOD OF MISCHIEF!
He has so much fun.

 And to end this post, a giveaway!

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i am laughing and fangirling so much right now. 
This is his completely silly personality showing. I'm serious, I used to do my silly smiles just like that.

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  1. So.... How did you like frozen? I thought it was pretty cool! The Ferris Wheel stopped working? That is kind of funny. That's one of those things that would happen on a rainy day. LOL!!


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