Sunday, December 1, 2013

i like to roam around...

Whew what a busy last two weeks! We went up to Zephyrhills so my dad could teach for three days. We had a wedding right afterwards, and on the day of, my dad, Sam, and I hiked 9.1 miles right before we had to get ready.
Then we had thanksgiving at my uncle and aunt's house. That, as usual, was so much fun. Suddenly we're home and it's been a week since the wedding! WHAT?
     Now it's Christmas!! YAY! We were told that we're not allowed to decorate until my sister and sister-in-laws could come home, which is sometime next week.

I decided that to pass the time after school while I wait to decorate, I'm going to see Catching Fire and watch lots of Merlin. Hey, I did a lot of socialising at Thanksgiving. Now I disappear into my world of writing and drawing and reading...and watching Merlin and Doctor Who. I MISSED THE DAY O F THE DOCTOR!! Noooo! I'm determined not to see it until Christie can join me...


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