Saturday, September 21, 2013

September Characters in Costume Reveal

Hullo all!
Okay, so I entered into Gillian Adam's Characters in Costume a while ago, and we got really busy (seriously, with all the traveling) and I forgot about it! Not to mention, it was my sis's birthday yesterday, so I didn't check blogger.

Anywho, this year's Character's in Costume is Obstacle Character!
Here we go. (I didn't do such a smash-bang-up job, sorry)

Hailey comes from my newest story--I'm getting towards the end and I'm only just now understanding why she's my obstacle character, but she is the one.

 HEY turn off that stupid camera, I look horrible.
She cooks for and cleans the vacation-hotel house, so she can get pretty messy. She's kind of a jerk to my main character.

Sometimes, my character sees her looking lonely, and wonders why. She's just now asking her about certain things (spoilers). We'll see if mean Hailey will give her an answer.

Next time I do a character in Costume, it will be much better because I'm done traveling for the summer (now it's turning into fall) and I'll have more fun. And It'll be better.

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