Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Here I am, listening to Hawaii Five-O (LOVE THAT THEME), realizing, "I haven't posted in a while."
Deciding that today was the possibly the best day of all to post, I sat down and....well, you know the rest.
So HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone! We're all still alive in 2013!
Here's a few highlights from 2012:

Christmas! I love giving out gifts to people; it thrills me to see how much they'll enjoy their presents. Christmas is ALWAYS a highlight for me.

Having the whole family down for the holidays, plus some. Our family has grown!! 

Watching Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time. Johnny Depp, you're awesome. 
(Do you know why the raven is like a writing desk?)

Summer!! So many things happened! It was SO fun having Rhiannon down and having Stephanie's family down too.

Getting a Sproles jersey for Christmas. Booyah.

Winning a free autographed book from a favorite author...twice! 

Meeting Robert Patrick at the World War II Museum in New Orleans (I still call it the D-Day Museum...)

Meeting Maximus, Stephanie and Dan's dog (a coton, said 'ka-tawn')

Hope y'all had a good one!
Cheerio and again, Happy New Years!

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