Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye, Tree...

Did you make any resolutions for the New Year? I haven't really, except I'm trying to get myself to post more pictures...

*sniff* Tomorrow we are taking down our Christmas tree. :( when on earth was the last time I posted a SAD face??

But many things have happened, and/or will happen that I'm so happy about, so I can't stay sad about our tree for TOO long (Goodbye, Tree...)
From the author (authoress, perhaps?) that I've been raving on and on about, the one and only Anne Elisabeth Stengl, I have won yet another book from her! That makes two books I've won in five months...I was very happy, I love her books!!
I figured out how to do a link, finally, so click on Anne Elisabeth's name and it'll bring you to her blog, where she is currently doing a Christmas Read-A-Long, which, sadly, is ending soon since it is no longer Christmas and her book is also ending.
So check out her blog, y'all, and please tell me if you do! (Emma you MUST read her books...I'll lend you her third book when you get back, if you want. I don't think you have to read them in order.)
(Clara, did you notice the Fan Art Contest on Anne Elisabeth's blog? You and 'Anna's' picture are on there! :) And I'm so glad you won Starflower!!!!!!!)
Speaking of Clara, you should see her as Una from Anne Elisabeth's books. If you scroll through the rest of the submissions, you'll see more of her! Isn't she gorgeous?!

Cheerio and Clara, I'm determined to meet up with you at least next week. We can't have my Christmas gift to you come way too late after Christmas is long over! (text me maybe, okay?)


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