Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas with MiLeS oF sMiLeS all around!

On December the 16th, Dan and Stephanie got married!
It was a gorgeous wedding. Melissa made both cakes, the bride's and groom's cake. Stephanie wore a beautiful dress that shimmered when she moved. it had a long train and stunning long veil, and her hair was done up prettily. Dan had to keep from making a smile that, if it could, would go a mile long. :-)
There were roses and baby's breath for decoration.
Melissa played a number of beautiful songs, Daddy preached from the Bible, and we took pictures.
In the very middle of this, although (very thankfully) not many people heard this, a long BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! was heard. Could you believe I forgot to empty my memory card?
Aside from that, everything was just so pretty.
We blew bubbles when they came out to go to the car, and then everyone headed to our home.
The chocolate eminence (the groom's cake) was so good, it was gone before a few of us got to taste it.
The butterscotch cake (the bride's cake) was so good as well, that the top two tiers disappeared.
(Look at Dan's smile!!!!) ------->
(if any of my pictures are blurry, please feel free to blame my camera.... heheh! :) )
Well, I was just updating my blog! I hope everyone has a very marvelous, very grand, and a very awesome Christmas!!

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