Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy days and sad days both live together...

Melissa has gotten married to Michael!! I'm so happy for them, though sad I won't be seeing them for a while. The bride was gorgeous, as was the wedding. The reception was at Chateau Bleu. I'd never been there before, and I thought it was simply divine!! I loved the garden. The garden had a pavilion, a beautiful fountain, a couple of goldfish ponds, and pretty flowers. The inside, oh man, the inside!!! Lots of old fashioned stuff, and chairs, and a lot of things which I was amazed at. I hope when I grow up and get married, that's where I'll have my reception. I hope someday (if haven't already been there, that is) you get to go there. You'd fall in love with it immediately, I'm sure. GTG!! 


  1. We all screamed when we saw the picture of Melissa and Michael on Erin Rachel's photo-blog!

    We are so HAPPY for them!
    Please post pictures!

    ~Mary A.

  2. Oh Oh Oh!!!!! Tell us where to find pictures!!!!! We saw some on Erin Rachel's Facebook page of the engagment pictures.... cute!


  3. The pictures aren't done yet. I'll tell you when they are and where to find them when they're done!


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