Friday, April 30, 2010

Adventures... and a little guilt...

I know I'm guilty for not writing anymore. I have to admit I'm really sorry about not writing for at least the past two months... Heheh. Just, you know, starting to forget about my blog. But once summer starts I'll be writing about our adventures. Like the two I have now. Our first adventure began this way...

We were going to go to Florida a while ago. Or, rather, a month or more ago. We packed up, got in the car, and then got on the road whilst pulling our boat. We were about 2 hours away from our destination. We were on a bridge, when suddenly, we heard an odd noise coming from our car. Fortunately, we prayed the we could get off the bridge. We did, and were very thankful we could get off the bridge. Alas! our car had broken down!! It wasn't because of the gas had run out. We had forgotten to change something. We piled out of the van and onto the grass. The were millions of gnats biting us. We got a tow truck to come and get us. It was exciting because Daddy, and us five kids got back in the car (Mama was in the tow truck) and rode on the tow truck while the tow truck hauled the boat. It was fun going up and down on the tow truck. It was like a roller-coaster (Except not as fun as Mt. Everest in Disney World, though.) The people there tried to fix it, but when we went out for the test run, we never got back and they had to come get us again. Finally, we got a friend who was coming to Florida to come and get us. After our vacation, the van got fixed, and we got back home. That's what happened then!

I'm sorry, but I was so intent on writing this adventure, that I completely forgot what the next one was. Sorry, but you may have to wait a while for that to come around. As soon as that happens, I'll whiz right here to write it.

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