Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surprise Giveaway Reminder!!

Hey y'all! Wanted to remind you about the surprise giveaway, in which I have four contestants: Emma L., Lilly F., Savannah F., and Sarah D.

How to enter:
To enter, you must comment about your favorite book. Just one, please!

To enter TWICE:
If you want to enter in again, write a review on your blog about your favorite book. It can be however short or long as you want it; five sentences to a page, etc. Then comment and tell me that you've written a review and you'll have your name entered again.
Or, comment your email. The comment had to run by me first before it gets published, but I respect you privacy and won't post your email. I'll email you back to say I've recieved it then you'll email me your review and you'll be entered in again.

December 17th.

How it works:
I'm going to enter in your name once or twice, depending on whether or not you write a review. I will then put your names into a bowl and mix it up extremely well. I promise you, it will be mixed well because I'm sure that Sam and Emmy will help me shake it all up.
I'm going to have my sister Emily choose any piece of paper she would like, and ta da! instant winner. 


Go to the post December First to see pictures.  (Just scroll down)

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  1. Well this is just too hard:/ Alright, my favorite book is "The Hidden Hand". It's about I spunky girl named Capitola:)

    Emma of Tin Lane


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