Sunday, April 17, 2011

Piano Rally!

For those who don't know what rally is, rally consists of four tests, to see if you're good enough to go to state, meaning only three people out of all the students get to go. There is, of course, first, second and third place in each group. the tests are the written test, performance, scales, and sight-reading. You have to get a 98 in performance, and a 95 in everything else to go to state. Last year, I got a 95 on my written test. I got the same this year, too, but Sam, on his first time at rally, got a 96! the rest of the tests are easier, but I still can't believe Sam!!! :)
Well, rally is now over. And guess what! Sam and I both made state! We got third in state, and we got trophies! Sam and I are so excited!! We'll be going to Baton Rouge for State. Although I don't know when... :) :)


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