Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cookies and more... I love my family ;)

We made chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies today! (...Or, that is... I did...) Christie made raisin bread as a surprise for my mom. It is DELICIOUS! (Err, well, we kinda cut into it a little, but only to see the swirls and stuff. But hey, it's an extremely good excuse!
We're going to go to Florida soon. Yay! I can't wait! Since Mama went to Destin, and Daddy and Rachel went to work, I haven't been able to go outside, because Christie is babysitter, which makes it so we're not able to go outside to play. But if we're anywhere with Mama or Daddy... we're in the sunshine all day long!
Now, who here is never excited, or at least jumping around for a chance to get to go on a ten-day vacation, where most the time it's sunshine-y? If that's what you do, I'm surprised. That's not normal. But I bet you don't do it.

Anyways... I'm getting boring here, aren't I? I know I am. Once I get started, I'll start getting boring, talking about the same thing for a LONG time. I;m doing it again! Perhaps I'll try a different subject...

Who likes the beach? A perfect place. There, you get to sit in the sun or shade, perhaps doze, a cool drink of Dr. Pepper by your side... it's just so.... just so.. the BEST VACATION EVER!!! I love my family. Actually, my best vacation ever was going to Disney World, but don't let me start. I could sit here for 2 hours, just telling you about it. Don't let me start.

Ooh, I'm just soo excited about going to see my nephew!!! He's ADORABLE. If you have Facebook, THERE, is the best place to get pictures. If you want pictures, tell me and I'll figure out how to post them. You'll DIE to see him! He's so PRECIOUS!

Well, enough said. I'm going to tire everyone on the blog, the longer I make it, so I guess I'll stop. Write later! Or, SOON)

P.S.  The reason I took so long to write again, was I forgot my login account, so it took me a while to figure out. I figured it out now, so I'll write more faithfully.