Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall, Fall, Loverly Fall

Ahh, what a fantastic season! my velly favorite. Warm in the day, and very cool at night. You can wear your favorite sweaters to church in the morning, and in the day, it's just so perfectly warm! And it looks so pretty with the red leaves.
Once, I was doing something in the kitchen, and I just happened to glance out our window and see three birds on our porch. One was in the birdbath, and one was flying about, and the last one was hopping around on the porch. It actually made me feel like it was spring, because of all our greenery
left in the woods.
The only fault with fall is that we can't swim anymore!
But I suppose fall is also more of a baking season..... yum!

I end this post with awe at the beauty that surrounds me everywhere I go, Dear Reader, and I hope you leave this post feeling the same way.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Snowman Village! And Pictures!

Sweet Caroline
This is called....Grasshopper Pie. It tastes very good, though. It has chocolate, mint, and an Oreos crust. And lots of grasshoppers. Just kidding. :-)
Sam took this picture, actually. It is very hard to do, I suppose, although I KNOW it's hard to do with my camera. It's a sailboat. Just so you know.
Hummingbird feeder

Last night, Sam, Emmy and I slept on the trampoline! It was the perfect temperature, and the wrong place to sleep. I slept in the middle. And guess what. I had every elbow and knee sticking into my stomach and back. Oh joy. This morning, at, yes, Reader, 4:17 precisely, I went inside to get a sweater. Naturally, I presumed, since the lights were on, that Daddy was up, and it was 6:30. But, was I right? Oh, no, not nearly. It was Joe and Christie. They were playing Age of Empires with Dan. They had just finished, and were watching movies. Or episodes. I was squinting (since I didn't have my glasses or contact in, of course) at the clock, and had just made out what time it was, when Christie nearly scared me out of my wits.
"Good morning, Molly!" said Wide Awake Christie. Joe hardly glanced up. Yeah, busy, I presume, watching a movie?
Of course, I didn't express anything when she scared me. I told her "Good morning, it is very cold outside" and I zipped upstairs, back down, and was, with Very Warm Socks compared to the Very Cold Air, back, snuggled deep into my sleeping back.
-----Minutes later----oh, hours? Sorry. My bad. ---
"AAAAAHHHHH! No, STOP, NO NO NO! CHRISTIE!!! MOLLY, HELP ME!!!" Sam shrieked. I could hear him VERY clearly. And if I missed my mark, very VERY VERY clearly.
"No." That was my reply. "Good nigh-- CHRISTIE!!!!!!!!"
Now I knew what had happened to Sam.
"My feet are frreeezing!" Christie said.
"Yeah, so Sam and I NOTICED."
I am not looking forward to more "Molly, it's Friday! It's cool enough to go camping!" Alright, fine. I admit. I have the tiniest excitement.

So, recently, I decided I was going to make something out of beads. SOMETHING. But what?

Sam: It would be cool if you made a snowman out of some beads.
Me: Yeah, well, just what would I do with that? (snaps fingers) Yeah, thanks Sam!
Sam: ......You're welcome?

So, since I have my own camera!!! I can post my own pictures! Ever since Christie decided to save up for Annie, she promised me Sharpshooter. Oh, don't you like the name? :-

I've added more stuff to my Snowman Village, but I forgot to take pictures of it, and right now, I'm just too lazy to upload it anyways. Heheh. ;)

A few days ago, I went outside (when it was warm! imagine that!) and took some pictures.