Monday, February 28, 2011

New Blog!(ger)

Guess who now has a blog! My younger brother Sam the Bugman! His blog is and it's called 'The Bug Blog.' If you would drop by and comment or something, I'm sure he would be overjoyed! I know you'll enjoy it a lot, being The Bug. Thanks a lot! ;)

We're going to the Smokeys, you know, so I'll be posting about the going later. Sam, for now, will tell you all about it. (There will be pictures next time I post! Not of the Smokeys, sadly, but of SPRING!!!;)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cleaning Room Day...

Today we (my mom, my sister, me, and my other sister.) cleaned my room (I share it with Emmy)...! Well, as my mom would say, "we de-junked the girlie's room today." Okay, I admit, it was mostly junk we cleaned out. Toys from when Christie was young(er), and um... yes, sadly, I am a pack-rat, so therefore it was also stuff I collect and forget about. Two full black gallon bags, and about three or four garbage bags went to the trash. No kidding. And it's stuff I probably will never miss, either. I'm not stressing. There's only one thing we got rid of that I use lots, and that my mom thought looked really junky in the corner. My trash can. Yes, it's black, and doesn't match, but I do so many crafts, and make cards, that I kinda need it. Yes again, I'm weird. I would like my trash can back.
Huh, well, isn't that exciting? Yeah, I know, right? Cleaning my room! Oh... joy! Or, de-junking it. Hmph, well, it's not going to happen again, I can say that, because I'm afraid of another clean-up day. Have a good Saturday! (hope you don't have to spend it doing a clean-up day!)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sping is on the way!

That may be slightly true. My mom thinks a frost will come, but it's so sunny and warm, and we're all wearing short sleeves and being hot, that it's too hard to believe that there will be a frost. So therefore, we call it 'the beginning of spring.' Too bad it's not warm enough to swim. Everyone's dying to swim. Some of us just want to scream as loud as we can for no reason, which is why a pool is good, because you get to scream as you want underwater and nobody minds. GTG!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Smokey Mountains!!

YES! Precisely what you just read!! In about three or two weeks... um, I'm not sure, because we had a slight argument whether March 7 was two weeks or three weeks away (actually, we might be leaving a little before that)... we're going to get our new trailer, put a hitch on it, and then we're going to the Smokey Mountains!! Oh, yeah! I'm am going to take so many pictures, you'll probably spend all week looking at them (okay, so maybe I'm lying. Maybe you're not going to spend a whole week on it). After that, we're going to the Dixie Stampede. We'll be back in a week, but hopefully, we'll have internet so I can tell you about our trip. Well, I just can't wait!! Write later!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

I made up this poem for Valentines Day. You can turn it into a song, using whatever almost whatever song you want. Here it is:

Hap-hap-happy Valentines to you!
"Happy Valentines to you too."
Everyone hears this said all day,
Oh! what a wonderful way
To celebrate Valentines Day!
Everyone's handing out cards
The receiver's giving the highest regards.
Happy Valentines Day!!

I hope you like it, and that you have a wonderful Valentines Day today!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Warning: Monopoly and a laughing brother is bad news.

So,  for the last few days, Sam, Christie, and I have been playing Monopoly. I love the game. We've finished one game, and you probably know who won. And during almost the entire game, of that one game, Sam. was dying out laughing his head off, almost nonstop. We were kind of being silly, I admit. Okay, we were being silly. And while Christie and I are rolling, Sam sitting there, trying to sit up, but as soon as he does, he goes back down, lying on the bench, laughing. And now, unbelievably, we've started another game. Good grief. On the last game, Christie just creamed us. It wasn't funny! ;) Well, now I don't intend to get creamed again, so I'm watching out for Christie's property. Okay, well, I've got a game of Monopoly to finish.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Dangers of Being Barefoot and Watching too much TV

There are a few things wrong with being barefoot. One is, you can't avoid sugar messes spilled by your kid brother. Another, in summer I can never stop stubbing my toe, yet I can't wear shoes. What are shoes? Huh, never heard of them. ;)

So, do you like dreaming? Me too. Even if it's about my favorite TV show. I had a very strange dream last night. I love this TV show called 'The A-team' and I mean, I just love it. It's about this group, four people who used to be in the military, and they go around helping anyone with a problem. One guy, 'Hannibal,' plans and is very good with disguises. Another, 'B.A. Baracus,' always drives their car. 'Face' get everything they need, without fail. 'Murdock' drives planes and helicopters. 
So, I dreamed they were being chased by these badguys. Somehow, they found my home and just hid in it. My family was out, and they had left me for some reason. I recognized the A-team in my dream, and so very eagerly offered to help them. Wow, what a dream. I dreamed they gave me a pistol and told me to guard my bedroom window... but for some strange reason I went to my mom's and dad's closet for a minute. Then the badguys got in, and saw someone go into a closet and they followed. Or one guy did. And then he was starting to corner me, but I whacked him in the stomach and ran for dear life. Then Hannibal let me help plan some traps... and then the A-team dealt with them and let me join the team, and that's the end....... dreams are weird, but I really wish that would happen.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family night!

I love family nights! Last night everyone ate dinner while watching 'Hoodwinked,' including the parents. Sadly, it wasn't 'Hood vs. Evil.' We ate a very yummy soup. I don't know it's name, so you don't need to ask.  But it was very good.

Yes, what Christie posted on her blog is true. Joe does know a Belizean princess named Emerald. And he's going on some stupid trip for 3 to 5 MONTHS on his motorcycle, which means WE won't see him for that many months!! :( At least they have a blog!